Manchin on the empty Byrd cage

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 7, 2010

This video was created by WV Watchdog. Here, WV Governor Joe Manchin discusses the vacant Senate seat resulting from the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd.

The chum bucket has been dumped and the feeding frenzy is beginning!


The Paul & Spike Show

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on May 18, 2009

Are you old enough to remember when AM radio was fun?  Do you remember when “The Morning Brew” was a hoot and not just a redneck version of Headline News for radio?

Well, I am.

I am Tickled Pink to share with you the Paul & Spike Show is back!  The fellas have teamed up with Radio Six International to  produce a weekly show.  I LOVE IT!!  Spike posts the recordings here within a few days of the broadcast. 

Not quite dead yet.

Not quite dead yet.

Nothing is sacred between them. I heard a rumor that The Film Geek will be a guest soon.  Poor fella.  He’ll never be the same.

Dial them up, load them down. Check them out. And when you send your fan mail to theusualaddress [dot], tell them the Muze was upon you to stop by.

Not just for breakfast anymore!

Not just for breakfast anymore!

Tea Party – Charleston, West Virginia

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on April 16, 2009


I attended, and no paying the price.  The damp and cold have caused a flair in my fibromyalgia and arthritis problems. Not to mention tromping around on the concrete.

Contrary to commemts by some “unbiased” reporters, there was no violence, no racial comments, no hate speech, no threats of violence on any politician.  In fact, we were more respectable than these protestors at one of our tolerant institutes of higher education, funded by our tax dollars.

Big “O” Shutting Down Guantanamo

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on January 23, 2009

The Big “O” is shutting Guantanamo – Lock up your children, lock up your wife — war criminals are coming to your town:

  1. Federal Correctional Complex, BeaumontBeaumont, Texas
  2. Federal Correctional Complex, ButnerButner, North Carolina
  3. Federal Correctional Complex, ColemanColeman, Florida
  4. Federal Correctional Complex, PetersburgPetersburg, Virginia
  5. Federal Correctional Complex, Terre HauteTerre Haute, Indiana
  6. Federal Correctional Institution, AllenwoodMontgomery, Pennsylvania
  7. Federal Correctional Institution, AshlandAshland, Kentucky
  8. Federal Correctional Institution, BastropBastrop, Texas
  9. Federal Correctional Institution, BeaumontBeaumont, Texas
  10. Federal Correctional Institution, BeckleyBeaver, West Virginia
  11. Federal Correctional Institution, BennettsvilleBennettsville, South Carolina
  12. Federal Correctional Institution, Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
  13. Federal Correctional Institution, ButnerButner, North Carolina
  14. Federal Correctional Institution, ColemanColeman, Florida
  15. Federal Correctional Institution, CumberlandCumberland, Maryland
  16. Federal Correctional Institution, DanburyDanbury, Connecticut
  17. Federal Correctional Institution, DublinDublin, California
  18. Federal Correctional Institution, EdgefieldEdgefield, South Carolina
  19. Federal Correctional Institution, El RenoEl Reno, Oklahoma
  20. Federal Correctional Institution, ElktonElkton, Ohio
  21. Federal Correctional Institution, EnglewoodLakewood, Colorado
  22. Federal Correctional Institution, EstillEstill, South Carolina
  23. Federal Correctional Institution, FairtonFairton, New Jersey
  24. Federal Correctional Institution, FlorenceFlorence, Colorado
  25. Federal Correctional Institution, Forrest CityForrest City, Arkansas
  26. Federal Correctional Institution, Fort DixFort Dix, New Jersey
  27. Federal Correctional Institution, Fort WorthFort Worth, Texas
  28. Federal Correctional Institution, GilmerGlenville, West Virginia
  29. Federal Correctional Institution, GreenvilleGreenville, Illinois
  30. Federal Correctional Institution, HerlongHerlong, California
  31. Federal Correctional Institution, JesupJesup, Georgia
  32. Federal Correctional Institution, La TunaAnthony, Texas
  33. Federal Correctional Institution, LompocLompoc, California
  34. Federal Correctional Institution, LorettoLoretto, Pennsylvania
  35. Federal Correctional Institution, ManchesterManchester, Kentucky
  36. Federal Correctional Institution, MariannaMarianna, Florida
  37. Federal Correctional Institution, McKeanBradford, Pennsylvania
  38. Federal Correctional Institution, MemphisMemphis, Tennessee
  39. Federal Correctional Institution, MendotaMendota, California
  40. Federal Correctional Institution, MiamiMiami, Florida
  41. Federal Correctional Institution, MilanMilan, Michigan
  42. Federal Correctional Institution, MorgantownMorgantown, West Virginia
  43. Federal Correctional Institution, OakdaleOakdale, Louisiana
  44. Federal Correctional Institution, OtisvilleOtisville, New York
  45. Federal Correctional Institution, OxfordOxford, Wisconsin
  46. Federal Correctional Institution, PekinPekin, Illinois
  47. Federal Correctional Institution, PhoenixPhoenix, Arizona
  48. Federal Correctional Institution, Ray BrookNorth Elba, New York
  49. Federal Correctional Institution, SaffordSafford, Arizona
  50. Federal Correctional Institution, SandstoneSandstone, Minnesota
  51. Federal Correctional Institution, SchuylkillMinersville, Pennsylvania
  52. Federal Correctional Institution, SeagovilleSeagoville, Texas
  53. Federal Correctional Institution, SheridanSheridan, Oregon
  54. Federal Correctional Institution, TalladegaTalladega, Alabama
  55. Federal Correctional Institution, TallahasseeTallahassee, Florida
  56. Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal IslandTerminal Island, California
  57. Federal Correctional Institution, TexarkanaTexarkana, Texas
  58. Federal Correctional Institution, Three RiversThree Rivers, Texas
  59. Federal Correctional Institution, TucsonTucson, Arizona
  60. Federal Correctional Institution, VictorvilleAdelanto, California
  61. Federal Correctional Institution, WasecaWaseca, Minnesota
  62. Federal Correctional Institution, WilliamsburgSalters, South Carolina
  63. Federal Correctional Institution, Yazoo CityYazoo City, Mississippi
  64. Federal Detention Center, HonoluluHonolulu, Hawaii
  65. Federal Detention Center, HoustonHouston, Texas
  66. Federal Detention Center, MiamiMiami, Florida
  67. Federal Detention Center, OakdaleOakdale, Louisiana
  68. Federal Detention Center, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
  69. Federal Detention Center, SeaTacSeattle, Washington
  70. Federal Medical Center, CarswellFort Worth, Texas
  71. Federal Medical Center, DevensDevens, Massachusetts
  72. Federal Medical Center, Fort WorthFort Worth, Texas
  73. Federal Medical Center, LexingtonLexington, Kentucky
  74. Federal Medical Center, RochesterRochester, Minnesota
  75. Federal Prison Camp, Alderson Alderson, West Virginia
  76. Federal Prison Camp, AllenwoodMontgomery, Pennsylvania
  77. Federal Prison Camp, BryanBryan, Texas
  78. Federal Prison Camp, DevensDevens, Massachusetts
  79. Federal Prison Camp, DuluthDuluth, Minnesota
  80. Federal Prison Camp, EglinEglin Air Force Base, Florida
  81. Federal Prison Camp, LeavenworthLeavenworth, Kansas
  82. Federal Prison Camp, MontgomeryMontgomery, Alabama
  83. Federal Prison Camp, NellisNorth Las Vegas, Nevada
  84. Federal Prison Camp, PensacolaPensacola, Florida
  85. Federal Prison Camp, Seymour JohnsonGoldsboro, North Carolina
  86. Federal Prison Camp, YanktonYankton, South Dakota
  87. Federal Secure Low La TunaEl Paso, Texas
  88. Federal Transfer Center, Oklahoma CityOklahoma City, Oklahoma
  89. United States Medical Center for Federal PrisonersSpringfield, Missouri
  90. Metropolitan Correctional Center, ChicagoChicago, Illinois
  91. Metropolitan Correctional Center, New YorkNew York, New York
  92. Metropolitan Correctional Center, San DiegoSan Diego, California
  93. Metropolitan Detention Center, BrooklynBrooklyn, New York
  94. Metropolitan Detention Center, GuaynaboGuaynabo, Puerto Rico
  95. Metropolitan Detention Center, Los AngelesLos Angeles, California
  96. United States Penitentiary, AllenwoodMontgomery, Pennsylvania
  97. United States Penitentiary, AtlantaAtlanta, Georgia
  98. United States Penitentiary, AtwaterAtwater, California
  99. United States Penitentiary, BeaumontBeaumont, Texas
  100. United States Penitentiary, Big SandyInez, Kentucky
  101. United States Penitentiary, FlorenceFlorence, Colorado
  102. United States Penitentiary, LeavenworthLeavenworth, Kansas
  103. United States Penitentiary, LeeJonesville, Virginia
  104. United States Penitentiary, LewisburgLewisburg, Pennsylvania
  105. United States Penitentiary, LompocLompoc, California
  106. United States Penitentiary, MarionMarion, Illinois
  107. United States Penitentiary, McCrearyMcCreary County, Kentucky
  108. United States Penitentiary, PollockPollock, Louisiana
  109. United States Penitentiary, Terre HauteTerre Haute, Indiana
  110. United States Penitentiary, VictorvilleVictorville, California

 You voted him in. You’re gonna get what you wanted.  Where do you think these murderers are going to go? Many of those already returned to their motherland have been recaptured fighting again. No other country wants them.

Cheasapeake Energy – Taking Their Ball Home

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on May 30, 2008

Ok, I’ve heard it all now. Cheapeake Energy loses. They claim they now don’t have a chance to ‘argue’ their case. What’s up with that? The case HAS been heard, then appealed to the WV SCoA. They didn’t take it up. That means they see no problem with the lower court ruling.

So — Since Cheasapeake loses [again] the attempt to BLACKMAIL the state by changing their minds on building a multi-million dollar headquarters office in Charleston. Most reasonable people knew that wasn’t going to happen anyway. It was an attempt to sway the SCoA and politicians.

Then the GOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA JOE MANCHIN says on WCHS TV 8 that the JUDICIAL branch of government needs to be more involved in the LEGISLATIVE process?!

What the hell is wrong with people?!

Thursday Mission Pt. 2

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on May 29, 2008

Ok friends.  I have contacted most of you and asked you to come back to WV Blogger.  I don’t post there as much as I used to either, but let’s not allow it to die.

Please … I don’t have much of a life really. 

I just noticed that Spike has some new stuff on his site and is actually posting Rage Machine podcasts on a new site. seems to be his new home. I’m running the show in the background as I write here and work on my paper.

Well, I have a research paper to finish.  <sigh>  This is wearing me out. Two more weeks!

Bogged Blogg

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on May 21, 2008

Well, I’m going to take a little time to blog a few thoughts.  I’m not going to spend an enourmous amount of time chasing links. 

I’m approaching the end of my semester in school.  That will leave me one more and I’ll have my BS wrapped up.  I want to know how other students know what to do.  I mean, how do you know to apply to the Master’s program?  How do you know what to do if you want a Ph.D. I’ve been attending classes since 1999, if you count my ‘college at any age’ refresher courses.  Only recently did I hear you applied for a Master’s program.  I feel like an idiot.

Oh, speaking of idiot, my former supervisor called me today!  She spent about 45 minutes discussing what has been happening since I left.  She isn’t happy.  It felt kinda funny not to feel like a subordinate.

The election .. No, I haven’t decided what to do.  I’m kinda rooting for Hillary to shake down the party and get credit for Florida.  That’s mostly because I think she’s being shafted.   The Party screamed for all the votes to be counted for Al Gore, but not Hillary.  I don’t recall a male candidate being urged to drop out like they have done her.  I may have to support McCain, or at least vote for him.

In West Virginia — THere is this big stink about the Governor’s daughter getting an Executive MBA without earning it.  I’ve never heard anything on the national news about it.  You’d think the #1 party school would be the talk of the media with a rich kid getting something the poor kids can’t.  Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson raising hell because poor minority children can’t afford to buy a degree.  And – oh by the way – why isn’t Mylan Pharmaceuticals getting in trouble with the SEC for lying about the credentials of one of their big dogs?

No more today.  I have stuff to do before going to bed.


Why no crazy Ted jokes?

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on May 21, 2008

So .. when President Ronald Regan announced that he was stricken with Alzheimers the slamming and bashing was on.  Suddenly, everyone pounced on the man claiming his disease was the reason he did the things he did.

Where are the jokes about Ted Kennedy?  Why no jokes about his liberalism and his brain cancer?  No slams about his singing off-key in Spanish because of the pressure on his brain?

I know it isn’t nice.  But it wasn’t nice when it was President Regan either.

It’s Finally Here – And I don’t have time.

Posted in National, State by muzeuterpe on May 14, 2008

Well finally, it’s here.  The day AFTER the primary elections. But I don’t have much time to discuss it.  I have a funeral to attend today.  It’s one of those things where they do it all in one day.  Family at 11:00, friends at noon, service at 1:00 then 30 miles at slow speed to the cemetary.  I’m family.  I have to be there.  I also have to be in Dunbar at 9:30 this morning, so I have a lot of gas to burn.

The people of West Virginia have spoken.  They want Hillary and McCain.  We’ve been called ‘uneducated’, low income, old and white.  The Governor was offended by it. [I couldn’t find a quote, but I saw him comment during the morning news on WCHS TV8.] But, people, it’s a fact.  Run the numbers. WV has some of the highest levels of illiteracy, unemployment, underemployement and diverstity in the country. Suck it up!

Now, McCain.  I guess I have to accept it.  A full 75% of Republicans voting in the primary voted for McCain.  That hurts.  I was hoping to be able to point to a majority of Republicans voting for someone else, but even I have to accept that 25% isn’t the majority.  But I still don’t like him.  I still can’t support him.

Obama, well he’s a snob.  Yes I know.  That’s name calling.  But that’s me today, well this morning.  I’ll get past it

I was surprized that Spike Maynard went down.  I have several friends who think he’s pretty good.  I don’t know him myself.  Other than that, I wan’t that impressed. 

Time to run.

GOP Convention Part 3

Posted in General, National, State by muzeuterpe on February 6, 2008

Ok, I just can’t get this out of my head.  This convention thing is really bugging me.    Over at Change WV, there are several folk posting who are upset with the Republican Party over the convention.  I’m re-reading some of the posts.  Vic [and others] are saying there were 1,200 Republicans in attendance.  You know, if you divide that by 55 counties, that’s 2.1818 Republicans from each county.

 Doesnt’ that seem a little odd?  It’s hardly representative of the people.

Vic Sprouce said:

Look, there were big problems with the convention.  The online voting was embarrassing.  The number of votes to elect at-large delegates, even in the big counties, was way, way, way too small.  Looking back now, EVERY county should have been required to have it’s own convention, a portion of the proceeds from the candidates fee should have been dedicated to direct mail to Republicans to inform them, and inform them, and inform them again of the county conventions.

But, that being said, those who DID participate were excited.  They were boisterous.  They were believers in their candidate.

Congrats to the WVGOP for not only having an event that paid off the debt, but one that absolutely energized the Republican party.

Well, the “Republican Party” didn’t host the d*mn thing.  It was some group called WVGOP Convention Inc.  How is it legal to distribute the delegates when the state party didn’t hold the convention?  Maybe they are playing some game with the difference between the meaning of “hold” and “host”.  You know “technically” they are two different things.  Those who DID participate were the insiders, the elite.  How many average Ronnie’s out there were able to forego a day of work to attend the convention? In my opinion, Vic is trying to have it both ways.

So, the WV Secretary of State, Betty Ireland says :

“I want to assure voters they will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice on May 13th.” Secretary of State Betty Ireland said. Citizens can register to vote by visiting their county clerk or visiting to download a voter registration form.

What does that mean now?  Oh, yea!  We get to “decide” on the remaining 9 delegates.  Big whoop-dee-doo.

I’m not very good with research so I haven’t been able to find the demographic information on WV’s Republicans.  I’d love to know the average age and income ofthe Republicans.  I was telling my dad what I was thinking this morning.  Dad and I have been the only conservatives in our family for a long time.  Both sets of my grandparents, my sisters, brother-in-law have all been Dems.  When I told Dad I was considering switching parties [to Independent] he admitted he has been too, and for several election cycles.

I was shocked!

I’ve seen a lot of coments on Vic’s blog where people are considering switching to Independent.  Thing is, as long as it’s all talk it won’t make a hill of difference.  Now, if the people will ACTUALLY do it — like former State Senator Earl Hagar’s book title says — [we] can make a difference!