WV REC Votes Chairman Out

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 26, 2010
Raese / Stuart Win! Photo

Raese / Stuart Win!

Well, the WV REC booted controversial chairman Doug McKinney with a resounding kick.  By a total of 74 – 45, Stuart handed McKinney his hat and showed him the door. (more…)


Powell & Obama — Meh

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on October 20, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Colin Powell endorsed Obama yesterday.  I wasn’t really expecting it, but I’m not surprized, for a few reasons.

First, Powell [who I really like and could support for President] has been unhappy with Bush and the Republicans for a while. They didn’t listen to him regarding the war. They probably should have. He’s a retired general, used to getting his way.

Second, race. All things being equal [both McCain & Obama are his friends] race is going to tip the scales this time. Now, if Obama WASN’T the first black President, I think Powell would have supported McCain – quietly.

Third, job security. Powell admitted that he would accept a position in an Obama administration. Would McCain have brought him onboard, maybe.

Fourth – This thing with Palin not being qualified to be President — please people, give it a damn rest. She’s JUST as qualified as Obama.  The difference is she’s a WOMAN! No one wants to say it, but it’s there, just under the sheets.

Religion – Yes, there was a group of people – both  Republicans and racist Dems, and others — who continue to push that Obama is a Muslim.  He can’t be a Muslim and a follower of Wright. And, he couldn’t pretend to be a Christian and think the Muslim community would accept him.  He would have been defiled and contaminated by “the infidels”.  He isn’t a Muslim and McCain never said he was. Neither has Palin.

After all the bullshit the anti-Bush crew has thrown about Cheney actually running the White House because Bush didn’t know how, we get this “Biden is ready to be President on day one” crap. So, will we get to see the same cartoons and SNL jokes showing Obama on Biden’s knee asking for guidance.  I doubt it.

It’s Finally Here – And I don’t have time.

Posted in National, State by muzeuterpe on May 14, 2008

Well finally, it’s here.  The day AFTER the primary elections. But I don’t have much time to discuss it.  I have a funeral to attend today.  It’s one of those things where they do it all in one day.  Family at 11:00, friends at noon, service at 1:00 then 30 miles at slow speed to the cemetary.  I’m family.  I have to be there.  I also have to be in Dunbar at 9:30 this morning, so I have a lot of gas to burn.

The people of West Virginia have spoken.  They want Hillary and McCain.  We’ve been called ‘uneducated’, low income, old and white.  The Governor was offended by it. [I couldn’t find a quote, but I saw him comment during the morning news on WCHS TV8.] But, people, it’s a fact.  Run the numbers. WV has some of the highest levels of illiteracy, unemployment, underemployement and diverstity in the country. Suck it up!

Now, McCain.  I guess I have to accept it.  A full 75% of Republicans voting in the primary voted for McCain.  That hurts.  I was hoping to be able to point to a majority of Republicans voting for someone else, but even I have to accept that 25% isn’t the majority.  But I still don’t like him.  I still can’t support him.

Obama, well he’s a snob.  Yes I know.  That’s name calling.  But that’s me today, well this morning.  I’ll get past it

I was surprized that Spike Maynard went down.  I have several friends who think he’s pretty good.  I don’t know him myself.  Other than that, I wan’t that impressed. 

Time to run.