OMG! I am so freaking excited!

Posted in Drive By by muzeuterpe on June 28, 2010

So, I am gonna skip any mention of the death of Robert Byrd. Mostly because I think he’s been dead for several years. It’s just no one told his body. Kinda like an extended Weekend at Bernies thing.

Anyway – here I am neglecting my poor blog during this most exciting 2010 political year and what the hell happens? I get invited to contribute to a great little entertainment portal called KV Live! Poor things, they must be hurtin. I mean, what the hell do I know about the entrainment life around here? I just rant on things I think are …. well, rant worthy. And even at that I find I have less and less time for a good blast.

Hmmm … I could do a story on how Obama’s ears are contributing to global climate change. What? You don’t believe me. Well let me tell YOU something! If a rabbit’s ears help cool their body temperature so does his.  And all that heat is going somewhere! (BTW – how can the “Democratic National Committee” run and it not be a violation of something?)

Or, I could jump on the train of people who voice their disdain for The Empty Glass. Problem is, when you do that all the tolerant types jump out of the woodwork to demand you be excommunicated. They can’t tolerate criticism constructive or otherwise. Wouldn’t be good for my first swim.

I used to be a groupie of one of the band members in Rockin Horse. They split up a long time ago, but I still keep in touch with him. Mmmmmmm … those were good times. I ran the borders with them. Oh, that’s my phrase for going to gigs out of the county. They played Spencer a bunch, Lincoln County, CJs in St. Albans, Class VI, the 2001 fake Bridge Day event. They played a few Charleston spots as well. Corncobb McCormick (NOT the one I was hot after.) butted heads with Michael Lipton at some point in his career and Michael kept them out of a lot of jobs.

I could talk about how a Charleston businesswoman made a racially prejudiced remark to me. I was talking about an event I was attending in another area of the county and she said “I hope you don’t get shot.” I damn near come unglued on the b*tch. I asked her what the hell would make her say something like that, to which she only replied, “I live her too. I can say these things.” Dumb b*tch.

OR! I could talk about how the self-righteous will shut out their own if they become conservative or think too freely. That’s it! Maybe I will call my column “Perspective of a Free Thinking Woman.” What do you think?

So anyway, I’m not sure when my first “article” will publish, but I’ll be sure to let you know.