Manchin on the empty Byrd cage

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 7, 2010

This video was created by WV Watchdog. Here, WV Governor Joe Manchin discusses the vacant Senate seat resulting from the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd.

The chum bucket has been dumped and the feeding frenzy is beginning!


WVU/Bresch/MBA – Sit down and SHUT UP!

Posted in National, State by muzeuterpe on May 31, 2008

People never cease to amaze me.  West Virginia University has been experiencing a scandal in the Executive MBA Degree program.  You can catch up on the details here.  I’m not going to spend time rehashing most of it.

So, University President Mike Garrison [who I don’t know and have never met] has completed a review of the program and found that 10% of the degrees issues in the intial years of the program WERE NOT EARNED

Ok, did you get that? 

Jonathan Cumming, assistant vice president for graduate education, told the Board of Governors on Friday that discrepancies have been found on about 70 degrees – or 10 percent of the students who have gone through the executive masters of business administration program.

That was BEFORE GARRISON!!!  But English professor Mark Brazaitisa insists that the whole thing is Garrison’s fault and he sould resign or be removed by the Board of Governors.


“Provost Gerald Lang and business school Dean Stephen Sears, resigned after the panel’s report gave them most of the blame for giving the degree to Bresch, a Mylan Inc. executive and Manchin’s daughter.”  Lang and Sears have been part of the program from the beginning, I do believe. 

Many of us have been out here in the wilderness screaming that this problem was much deeper than Bresch and went back much further than Garrison’s term as president.  Yet, the faculty at this “honorable” school have been screaming that the only fix is the removal of Garrison.  Seems to me that the fix is to remove the very faculty members responsible for this mess!  Just another example of why it should be easier to remove ‘tenured’ educators.

Trace them all down and discharge them, dishonorably!

Hang in there Garrison.  Sounds to me you are the leader that stink hole needs!  It take a STRONG leader to pull the emergency brake and turn the train around, onto the right course!

Now — it probably isn’t legal to do — NAME THEM!  Name all those who did not complete the degree program.  Let’s see how many degrees were bought by politicians or high dollar contributors to the school. I bet some of them have ‘resigned’ their position on boards under ‘protest’ of Garrison.

Hey JDB — if those who got the fraudulent degrees received federal monies, is it a violation of the privacy act to devuldge their names?