Baby’s Got Blue Eyes …

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You know, nothing in the world will melt my soul like a pair of beautiful blue eyes, long dark lashes and dark/black hair on a man!

I was at the drive-thru at lunch, flustered because the young man didn’t seem to understand that I simply wanted a small chili, plain potato and diet drink.  When I arrived at the window to pay there was the most debilitating pair of blue eyes that I’ve seen in ages!  I don’t know if it was a sugar rush, hot flash or the rut coming on!  ROFLMAO!!

Blue Eyed Man


Some People Will Believe Anything

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Ok, here we go.  I’m going give you my position on that bastard leader Ahmadinejad and his visit to Columbia University — it’s pig sh*t.  Simple as that.

Columbia is a liberal haven.  To have invited this war criminal in the first place was a slap in the face of every soldier, fire-fighter, policeman and volunteer who is fighting the terrorists or otherwise affected by the slaughter of thousands by Muslim extremists.  That includes the Achille Laurel, first bombing of the World Trade Center, the second attack on the Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

In the light of the morning after, the Islamic Republic News Agency is reporting a standing “O” for the little fella. 

The audience on repeated occasion applauded Ahmadinejad when he touched on international crises.

Now, Reuters is reporting on President Shimon Peres’ comments

But Peres said Columbia’s invitation to the Iranian leader did not fall under the umbrella of free academic expression because Ahmadinejad “simply stood up and lied”.

“I think that Columbia University made a mistake … With Hitler there was a dialogue. (British Prime Minister Neville) Chamberlain went to talk to him. What did it help? It helped cover the fact that Hitler prepared concentration camps and death camps,” Peres told Reuters.

I’m with Peres.

I also don’t understand Columbia’s eagerness to bring this red-neck to their campus.  Yes, I said red-neck.  Well, he has to be a red-neck because he claims there are no homosexuals in Iran.  Everyone knows that the only place you can live that has no homosexuals is the back woods of red-neckville where all the white, homophobic people live.

“In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,” Ahmadinejad said to howls and boos among the Columbia University audience.

“In Iran we do not have this phenomenon, I don’t know who has told you that we have it,” he said.

Ahmadinejad was challenged during his appearance on Amnesty International figures that suggested that 200 people had been executed in Iran so far this year, among them homosexuals.

That can’t be correct.  Otherwise every gay rights organization would have been protesting Columbia.

And, speaking of protests, where are thos demanding the separation of church and state?  According to CNN:

His remarks, which lasted about an hour, made several general references to God, religion and science. He portrayed himself as an academic, misunderstood and unfairly criticized in the United States.

I suppose the “science” reference makes up for the God and religion stuff.  And where is N.O.W.?  You’ve got this man making claims like:

“Women in Iran enjoy the highest levels of freedom,” he said.

Right.  They have the true freedom of choice. You can choose to do what the Islamic law dictacts, or you can die.  Your choice.

Our wonderful, would-be presidents have this to say, according to CNN

  • Rudy Giuliani said Monday he finds it “disturbing”
  • Mitt Romney … “What we should be doing is indicting Ahmadinejad under the Genocide Convention.”
  • Hillary Clinton -I did not express an opinion about the decision made by Columbia,
  • Barack Obama said he would not have invited Ahmadinejad to Columbia but stood his ground Monday on his controversial remarks earlier this year that he would meet with him.
  • Fred Thompson said Thursday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be allowed into the country, much less at the World Trade Center site, when he travels to New York next week to address the United Nations. (This one isn’t from CNN and I’ve lost the link. Sorry.)

And if a picture is worth 1000 words …


Citizens of Nitro — Throw the Bums Out

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Good lord.  If I lived in Nitro I think I would kick every one of the city leaders out on their asses.  In yet another story on the antics citizen Karen Fritz and her attorney Mike Clifford are considering filing contempt charges against the city.

I’ve about half heartedly followed this story for a few YEARS now. 

The city government is freaking CORRUPT and an embarrasment to the county.  The Treasurer has thumbed the nose to the citizens for a long time.  The mayor is upholding her in it.  At one time she was part of an organization suing the city.  But a $42,000 job will shut just about any unemployed housewife up.

The City of Jefferson [Kanawha County, WV] wasn’t this bad and the county shut them down. 

I used to work with the spouse of a council person of Nitro.  That spouse told me stories that just made my jaw hit the ground.  Why the state hasn’t looked deeper into some of these accusations is beyone me.

My Interview with the Chinchilla

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It was indeed an honor to be selected for interview by Mr. Chinchilla.  He was kind, warm, soft and smelled sweetly of vodka soaked raisins.  Here is a bit of a tease from my interiew:

We have reached the point where nothing is sacred, no one is modest, and multiple body piercings are uninteresting. The “f” word has become common, s@x is not sacred, and marriage is a joke.

I don’t want to see some woman’s t!ts hanging out of her clothes, the tramp-stamp on her *ss or some guy with his pants down around his crack and his boxers up to his armpits.

 I hope you will take time to check out, not only my interview but the entire site.  Take your drink with you.   

Porch Bloggin’

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Wow!  I haven’t spent a Sunday morning on my front proch in a long, long time!  I certainly have missed it.  When my sons were in diapers, I used to sit on the porch after their dad left for work [and before they got out of bed] just to have quiet time to myself.  It did me a world of good then and still does.

In the big scheme of things, Sunday’s are no more special of a day than any other day of the week.  But, I suppose because I was reared to believe that Sunday’s were a day of rest and appreication for the things the Great Spirit above had created, I get a special feeling of peace when I sit out on the porch Sunday mornings. 

Usually I am just sittting in the swing listening to all the sounds around me, watching the cats, frogs, dogs and people as they complete their routines.  This morning I have a CD playing in the background.  It’s the Craig County Boys, Springtime on the Mountain.  I’m not a bluegrass fan, as such.  But I do enjoy listening on occassion for a change of pace.  This particular CD has remakes of Mama Tried (Merle Haggard), Sixteen Tons (Merle Travis), and Almost Persuaded (Billy Sherrill and Glenn Sutton).

Traffic on the US Route across from me seems a little heavy for 7:38 Sunday morning.  I’m within 200 yards of a piece of 4-lane.  Still, the bird songs rise above it and the breeze is cool.  The sun is awake, but hasn’t risen from the mountain bed.  It will probably be 30 minutes more before the first rays touch my yard. 

The hummingbirds aren’t quite sure whether to have breakfast with me or move on to another spot.  I’m glad they came.  My neighbor had several feeders out for years.  He passed on this spring.  I bought two feeders and have put them up.  They prefer the downstream one.  I suspect because the sweet ants help themselves to the other one.  But, I have seen them use the upper one when their favorite spot is dry.  The lower feeder must be off center as the food is slowy dripping. 

There’s a song on now, Home I Used To Call Mine (James W. Christian) that really makes me pine for “home”.  It isn’t an original theme, it’s simply the story of someone who left the squalor of the hills for the big city life and how he wants to go home.  It speaks of a run-down, weather beaten, worn-out home with cracked floors.  It makes me miss my grandparents and houses they lived in.

There is a thread on the WV Bloggers message board that is discussing men’s midlife crisises.  I love to talk and I did a lot of that in that thread.  Where it relates to this morning and the song, is that humans are always wishing for something better or different.  I’ve done that, many times.  I still do, but I try to catch myself and remember that I really have it pretty good.  I have a really nice, if small, home now.  I have been ‘keeping house’ since I was 17.  I’ve lived in roach infested appartments, drafty and leaky single-wides, an old company house, a nice, but dated rancher, a really worn-out two-story with one gas heater (I grew up there and moved back there later) and now a nice double-wide. 

I’ve been married three times [I’m still electable compared to Ted Kennedy and Rudy Giuliani], two pretty good sons, a home on a small lot, a couple vehicles, a motorcycle, aluminum boat, a bunch of computer stuff and a front porch with a swing. [Ahh, good morning sun!  Nice to have you join us.]

Still, somtimes I miss “home”.  I miss being a kid, not having to support anyone, only responsible for cleaning my room and my grades at school. My mom didn’t cook that well, but she kept me fed.  She and dad also kept me isolated from the problems around me.  Or, maybe I kept myself isolated, I don’t know.  They seperated once, but I didn’t catch on.  I never really noticed the coal mine strikes, my dad and grandfather had a welding business, so they were always doing stuff. 

I often wonder if I have given my sons good memories of home, or if I really set them up for crappy childhoods.  I’m not ready to ask them.  I have done the best I could.  Overall, I’m ok with the choices I have made.  Some of them were pretty stupid, some pretty selfish.  And there were a couple that I had to admit were just wrong. 

But, if I hadn’t taken the path I have walked, I wouldn’t be who I am now.  And I’m not too bad of a person overall. 

I sit here with the new sun on my face, gently rocking the swing, close my eyes and “feel” the peace deep within my being.  [Everyone should learn to type without looking at the keys.  It makes it so much easier to log your thoughts when you can just go.]  It’s a level of peace that so few people will allow themselves to know.

Kanawha County Table Games

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The vote canvass is completed.  The expansion of gambling was approved by 343 votes.  Today’s Gazette-Mail quotes County Commission President Kent Carper as saying “absolutely not”, no way he would have the county pay for a recount.

I thought the language of the table games bill said Tri-State had to pay for ALL issues relating to the election.  Wouldn’t that include a recount if called for?  I see where Daniel Adkins says no, but would that really suprize you?  He’s happy with the outcome.  So is Commissioner Carper.

But with all the confusion in the past seven days a recount may very well be a wise thing.  That would put to rest the cries of foul that are sure to be hoisted over the next five years.

Five years.  They say we can vote table games out in five years if we want.  But we’ll be too addicted to the horse by then to do it.

The crystal is dark.

Table Games (continued)

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And then there’s this.


What you have here is a picture of some Vote No folks in Sissonville behind some Vote Yes folks.  The guy with the sash is dressed like Jesus and, if you look carefully, he is holding a Vote Yes sign.


Can’t we leave religion out of this?  On both sides?

While I’m there …

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Since I’m snooping on Create WV, here’s an interesting link on libraries putting in coffee shops.

Time For Me To Fly (Part 3.5)

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Well, the wait is partially over.  My immediate supervisor knows.

I had to tell her yesterday, but have not submitted the written resignation.  She was beginning to task me with projects for August and I had to stop her and close the dooor.

Two hours I was in there like that. 

She got upset, but mostly with the fact that she isn’t getting out of there also.  She got teary-eyed telling me how the executive director has jerked her around, made promises to her about promotions and didn’t keep them.  She even told me the “plan” was to make me a supervisor of a couple staff, beginnng in August.  But, the executive director came in on a Monday and decided he wanted to wait until January.  [Keep in mind this involves ANOTHER reorganization.  That would be 9 since I was hired in 2000.]

I just told her that I wasn’t putting up with his crap anymore.  I also told her she has a ton of skills and talents that could get her a reasonable position, if she would just do it.  She has to take the initiative to make a plan and a backup.

She should be an event coordinator.

Paris Hilton

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Ok, now I’ve mentioned her name, can the nation move on now?  You know, we do have men and women DYING in a war in the Middle East.  Who gives a damn whether she’s in jail or not.  She deserves it for flipping off the courts. 

 OH LORD — some guy on the Gretta show compared the Paris Hilton thing to Marie Antoinette?! 

Do you people even have a clue how many regular people are getting harsher than average sentences?  Uniformity?  Now bull sh*t.  We, in the United States, do NOT have uniform laws from state to state.  That’s part of the reason we have different states.

Greta has the most amount of nothing on the television.  How does she keep a show on the air?