Touching Base

Posted in Touching Base by muzeuterpe on January 1, 2008

Well, I think I’ll take time out from watching Family Guy while sipping wine and hanging out in a great terry robe to take a quick spin through some of my favorite blogs.  If I don’t list you, please don’t feel slighted.  It’s really past my bedtime and the wine is in high gear.  I’ll start from the top, alphabetically, not by favorites.

ASAT is in his element.  During the season he does NFL predictions.  Peyton Manning is such a cutie, but Brett Farve has my heart!  Screw the stats … for me it’s all about the emotion!  hee hee!

Broadoaks hasn’t posted since September.  He’s coming off the roll.  Sorry baby.

Rebecca at Carpe You Some Diem tells us of her Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Christmas.  I never had a set of those, but some of the guys I grew up with did.  They were a hoot!

Elvisdrinkmo gives us the 10 Commandments, Starfleet style at DC Comictician.

Hoyt is taking orders over at Donutbuzz.  He’s working on some lox-toast?

Over at the Infinity Ranch, JDB is giving us his opinion on the upcoming primary/caucus process.  Strangely, he seems to be complimenting the Repubs on this one.

Jedijawa is reminissing about wet-dreams and Rich Rodrigues?  That boy worries me.  😉

Mike’s Ramblings is a relativly new link.  Mike does some real writing from time to time.  He seems to be a Zepplin fan [Led not Red].

I was worried about Spike for a while.  He went a little longer than normal between podcasts at Blog! the Musical!* but he’s back now and spunky as ever!

So, if you’re just stopping in for a peak, be sure to swing by and visit some of the folk on the blog roll.  It’s about as diverse of a list as you’ll find.  hee hee


Touching Base – 3

Posted in Touching Base by muzeuterpe on July 19, 2007

I have a little extra time this morning. I have an eye exam at 8:15 so I don’t have to make the trek in first thing.

So, whilst I’m breaking fast on some fat –free cottage cheese and tomatoes, let me touch base with some of the blogs I read. They will be done alphabetically, not in order of preference. Now…

A Sourapple Tree has been writing about food. Not just any food, but food he cooked himself. He’s been watching too many cooking shows on the tele. Come to think of it, I believe he’s the first blogger I’ve read who admits to owning a George Foreman grill.

There are a couple new blogs I’ve added and Broad Oaks is one of them. Tim has a diverse range of topics on his site. He runs the gamut from how he settled on his blog name to gluttony.

Vic, over at Change West Virginia, is on his toes as usual. Recently he has been raking Kathy Mattea over the figurative coals regarding her shameless publicity stunt of flying over mountaintop removal sites and boo-hooing all over the cameras. (She has a coal mine themed album coming out soon.) Kathy has succumbed to the Al Gore School of Environmentalism, forgetting where she came from. She also forgets to look at reclaimed sites and acknowledge that there are many that have served the communities well. Cherry-picker.

Poor redzeppelin needs to find some way to complete one book before starting another. According to his recent post at Destination Unknown he has at least four going now. I sort of do that. I will have professional magazines ½ read at work and a book going at home, but I can’t juggle four different books. I couldn’t juggle four boy-friends in high school either, but THAT is for another day!

Over at Don Surber’s House he’s grinning like the Cheshire Cat over Hilliary Clinton’s snub of the Hardy County Democratic Party. Seems that $50,000 in donations isn’t enough to buy yourself a visit by Mrs. Bill Clinton. You’d think, being from Arkansas as she is, she would understand the plight of the poor poultry farmers and rural Dems. But – no. They’re just chicken poo on the bottom of her shoes. I bet Obama would stop by for 50K – do you think they have the cahonoas to invite him?

The Hillbilly Savant always has a variety of interesting Appalachian stories posted. I stop over there frequently to read up. The site is really well done and keeps me coming back. Currently, there is a story about Nick Grindstaff, a local historical figure in the Johnson County Tennessee area.

I haven’t had Infinity Ranch on my blogroll very long. JDB and I are polar opposites in many areas. But, it’s an interesting read just the same. Currently, he has written about a musical piece he created. I listened to it. It’s pretty long, not necessarily something I’d buy a ticket to hear, but interesting.

Lincoln Walks At Midnight has a post with links on Senators Byrd and Rockefeller voting to kill our soldiers serving in Iraq by pulling them out. (My opinion, not LWAM’s.) The minute you announce to the world that we’re pulling out, our sons and daughters are going to be slaughtered.

Useless Drivel hasn’t updated his blog for a while. The last post was in regards to the passing of the legendary Mr. Wizard. But, stop by anyway. Something interesting generally pops-up.

I’ve also added The Charlestonian to my list. I tripped across this one a few weeks ago and felt it was an interesting site for inside opinions on things happening in the Capital City.

The Film Geek always has interesting reviews of movies on his site. The recent post on Premonitions has me considering renting it. I’m not much on attending movies at the theatre anymore, but I do like to watch them at home. It just costs way too much to go to the movies.

The Holywriter was previously listed with the author’s name. He was debating whether to revert to an anonymous style and I thought I would just revise the link. That way, no matter his decision I had it covered here. He’s got some good stuff on there. It’s worth a look.

That leaves WV Bloggers. This is a great little message board for bloggers. Even with big disagreements everyone keeps a civil tongue in their fingers. I love to debate and argue, but I really despise the name-calling you find on a lot of message boards. These folk do a great job!

Well, no more for me thanks, I’m driving. Have a great day!

Touching Base – Part 2

Posted in Touching Base by muzeuterpe on June 12, 2007

I haven’t touched base about some of the blogs I read, lately.  I’ve really be pretty busy with work, classes and getting ready for #1 son to come home to visit.  I should be cleaning but I’m inherently lazy and just finished an online quiz.  So, I’d rather do this.

Let’s see, I’ll go alphabetically.

A Sour Apple Tree – Cris James is full of himself once again.  He’s got a few posts that someone out there might want to read.  Stuff about dead deer, daylilies and a heart-attack-on-a-bun.  Be forewarned, you will need an account to post a comment!

Change WV – Senator Sprouse’s blog is always an interesting read.  Well, unless you’re Cris James.  LOL  Anyway, Vic is on a roll about how Mia Moran-Cooper is being baptized by fire because she stood up to the stupidity of the Lottery Commission controlling the gambler’s hotline.  Aint’ that some stupid sh*t?  Ms. Moran-Cooper likened it to the tobacco industry wanting to oversee the anti-smoking programs. 

He also gives it to the local health department over proposed rules to prohibit smoking in bars.  The health department can’t win with an appeal to the sensibilities of the citizenry, they take the “danger to the employee” position.  No one forces anyone to work in a bar, or anywhere else in the United States.  I think the health department is taking this too far.  Smoking is still a legal activity in the US.  I think they should spend more time trying to get the mentally ill off the streets and someplace where they will be safe.

Destination Unknown – Redzepplin is one of those flaky geocacher pirates.  He runs around with a G.P.S. hunting for invisible measurements hoping to find buried treasure.  But if I understand the process, he leaves something if he takes something.  He’s got some interesting items up on geocaching, but his most recent posts relate to the perfect margarita (Hey Red, I lived in Texas for four years!) and childhood TV.  He also vents a little on tech NO-support.  Can’t we all relate?

Don Surber – Don always has a lot of stuff on his blog.  Just because I’m a moody person, and the mood I’m in as I right makes me choose this particular article to highlight. 

 In the 1980s, Bobby McFerrin sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.”And then there is always good old Charlie Brown: “Happiness is a warm puppy.” And guess what?  It is. The scientists surveyed people and found that “having excellent health was worth the equivalent of a £304,000-a-year pay rise in how happy it made you feel.

The scientists said being married is worth “£54,000 a year.” Shacking up is “worth more, at an extra £82,500.”  And scientists discovered why Ned Flanders is always feeling so Oakily-Doakily: “chatting to your neighbours on a regular basis would make you as happy as getting a £40,000-a-year pay boost.

Turns out the poets (well, songwriters) and artists (well, cartoonists) had it right.In the film, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Medal of Honor recipient Harry Bailey proposes a toast: “To my brother George, the richest man in town.” He was absolutely right.  Now we have the proof.

The Holy Writer (Feedback with Steve Adams) – Our friend is feeling despair.  He is lamenting the dissolution of the marriage of some close friends of his.  Most of us have experienced this, either through our own marriages or that of friends.  It’s never easy.  But, life is a challenge.  We are fortunate to be able to experience the full range of feelings we have been given.  Some of the best days come as a result of the most awful nights.  When you realize that you can and will go on, that you won’t be kept down and that you are a valuable person, it doesn’t get much better than that.                  


Hillbilly Savant – There are several good posts up right now.  The most recent about The Ballad of Old 97, a coal-train wreck.  This is a really neat site to read.  Great information on Appalachia, the real version!


JediJawa – Now this boys has some problems.  He has everything from the real Santa Clause (Honest!  He’s linked to Santa’s Drivers License!) to being a white student member of the Black Law Student’s Association to a rhyme about two dead boys shooting each other in front of a blind man! 



 Lincoln Walks at MidnightLawrence Messina reviews the results of the first two of four table gambling elections in West Virginia.  It was a split decision. 

Route 75 – His Useless Drivel has sent out a challenge.  Do you have what it takes?


The Film Geek – Hmm.  I popped up his page and had to blink.  That photo is disturbing.  He refused to review one particular film because of anti-Semitic remarks.  Check it out for more detail.


WV Bloggers Message Board – Last but never least.  Stop in to read up on what some of West Virginia’s best bloggers are discussing today.  There is something for everyone, from you freaks to the mind-numbed followers of that fake man of g-d Phelps.  But remember, civility rules. 


Touching Base

Posted in General, Touching Base by muzeuterpe on May 9, 2007

Well, as I sit here with my notebook, nursing a really bad headache  and upset stomach, it dawns on me that I have never written a post discussing any of the bloggers I read.  I’ve noticed that once in a while others will blog and highlight others they read.  I’m not real savy on this stuff yet.  But, here goes.

One of the boards I read often is The WV Bloggers Message Board .  I tripped across it with a simple Google search.  I read it for a long time before I registered.  It’s a pretty interesting spot to hang out.  It’s a little more … liberal in thought than I normally tolerate, but everyone had been pretty good about discussing, not cussing.  As a matter of fact, within the first week of being on the board I was the subject of a pretty interesting “discussion” and I wasn’t even participating!  I think the moderators were a little afraid of me! 

 So, now.  Lets run down my short list on the blogroll.

First is WV Senator Vic Sprouse’s page.  Vic is one of the few Republicans in WV politics.  As with any WV politician, I agree with some of his stuff and some stuff I don’t.  I am a conservative natured person, but have been labeled a Liberatarian by more than one elected official. 

Next is Don Surber.  Don is a big shot for the Charleston Daily Mail, one of two papers distributed from Charleston (WV).  Don is also a conservative.  I’m not sure if he’s a Republican.  He sounds like one.  He always has some interesting stuff.

Jedijawa is next up.  Jedijawa is the first person from WV Bloggers who contacted me personally through the board.  He isn’t too bad, for a liberal health-nut.  <hee hee>  He has a couple interesting posts about returning to this exercise program now that he’s moved back to WV from O-hi.  Something about being a tight-ass going nowhere with zen?

Now, Route 75 is there because … well, because … I don’t remember.  LOL  Actually, seems to me he said something about trading links.  But anyway, he has stuff up every now and again that I find interesting.

Steve – Steve is a radio dude from Parkersburg.  He once said he loved me in a thread.  I’m sure he meant it.  We’ve never met.  But we seem to think alike and that’s a good start.  His latest post is about not having time to post.  I can totally relate.  I’ll go long spells without posting then try to slam a bunch of stuff on in a few minutes.

Last, but not least, we have The Film Geek.  According to his site “The Film Geek writes about the movies he likes (most of which he rents, because he leads a pathetic social existence), why he likes them and why you should, too. In between flicks he writes about other stuff. ”  Today he has a story on The Bear, from BJ and the Bear.  It isn’t for the squeamish. 

So, as of this writing, these are the few poor souls I have decided to shame by listing on my blogroll.  They aren’t the only ones I read.  But the ones I stop buy a couple times a week, anyway.  I’m just too busy to constantly revised that roll.  LOL

 Enjoy the lightheartedness of the last few posts.  The news about the terrorists in New Jersey is breaking and I’m getting pissed off! 

I will leave you with one last photo.  I absolutely love this one.  It is an Indian Banyan tree on Waikiki last year.  I love the way the sun glows through the root structure!  With a little imagination you can see a glowing heart. 

I am just a frustrated artist.  LOL

 Indian Banyan