Trout Fishing

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What a day!  Up at dawn and on the Williams River by 8:00 a.m.  I am NOT a professional trout fisherman.  Today was my first official trek.  I had a blast, though.  I didn’t catch a trout, just a creek chub.  But I enjoyed being out and near the water.  Here are some photos.

        Willilams River 1     Williams River 2     Williams River 3    

 Williams River 4     The Greenbrier Valley

I do enjoy fishing, but just never went specifically to catch trought.  There were other exciting things, but I’m too tired to post them.  I will later this week.


This Little Piggie — Moo

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Ahhh … I need a couple more weekends like this past one.  I took a trip to Oak Hill, Ohio, on Saturday.  Went up to a friend’s farm to see the ‘new’ pigs and calves.  It isn’t a large farm by most standards.  It is larger than I would like to run myself.

It only takes a couple hours to get up there.  It’s a beautiful area, very rural.  Last year I went up via Route 33 out of Ripley into Point Pleasant. This year I went via Rt 35 through Winfield to Pt. Pleasant.  Unfortunately it wasnt’ warm enough to ride.  But, it was a nice change of pace.

DJ’s Farm 1 

This is my nephew’s back.  I took him with me.  He’s nine and has never seen pigs or calves in person.  He seemed to enjoy it.  He was a little unsure what he was seeing, but he asked some good questions.   The sow to his right is called a “blue butt”.  She was to have been moved in with the boar later in the afternoon. 

 DJ’s Farm 2

This is a piggy pile.  They are under a heat-lamp.  The sow is to their left.  Although they are in a barn, it is still very cold.  The heat lamps help keep them warm till they are old enough to get by on their own.

Now, my friend has the darndest luck.  Last year they had a calf that was born away from the barn and got pretty cold.  They brought it in the house for a few days, but the poor thing was too dumb to eat.  They tube fed it for a while and it straightened up.  This year they have a calf with front leg issues. I don’t know what all the parts are called, but this calf walks on it’s wrists.  They haven’t decided what to do with it yet.  It gets around just fine, considering.  The cow feeds and looks after it fine.  Heck, he doesn’t know he has a problem.

DJ’s Farm 3

In the background of this shot is one of the prettiest bull calves I think I have ever seen.  His mother keeps him very clean and he’s soft and fluffy!  He’s a darling …. for now!

DJ’s Farm 4

The cows were ‘talking’ to the calves.  It isn’t something the average city slicker would ever hear.  The best I can describe it would be a series of low growls.  The bull is fenced off from the cows and calves.  He doesn’t like it at all and would bellow as long as he could see us.  My friend said, aside from the obvious reasons, the bull doesn’t like to be seperated.  If he can get to an area where he can be along the fence with the cows he’s ok.  Right now he can’t get along side them, so he’s isolated and … unhappy.

I love little trips like this.  It helps settle my nerves and refresh my perspective.  I need to do it more often, really. 

I’m getting the spring fever.  I’m wanting to get my bike out and ride.  I’m thinking of riding to Nashville in June, taking the backroads through Williamson WV, then Hazard KY to Nashville.  I need a couple pieces of luggage before I take a trip like that.   I have saddle-bags but they won’t hold rain gear and a change of clothes.   That’s a subject for another post.

The Photos – 2

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100_1764-2.jpg     100_1766-3.jpg

100_1758.jpg     100_1770.jpg     100_1795-2.jpg

Just a few photos for you to look at till I get home.


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Jarfly on my porch ceiling.


Drippy hummingbird feeder.

100_1747.jpg  100_1749.jpg

Morning companions.

The Photos – Part 2

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After accepting the fact that I have been suffering from a bit of burnout, I decided to take a quick trip to Virginia.  We have a camper along the New River.  It isn’t a permanent spot.  And, it isn’t a nice, quiet spot back in the mountains.  The campground is designed for maximum profit for the owner.  And that’s ok.  No one bothered me and there wasn’t a bunch of loud noise late into the evening.


While there we rode through town.  They were getting ready for Memorial Day.

 We traveled up Big Stoney Creek Road then to Rt 600 to Waitville and back.   It was a very nice ride! 


We came across a buffalo farm/ranch.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen buffalo.  It was interesting.  They smell. 

From the ashes   

Driving through the Jefferson National Forest we quickly realized that there had been a terrible forest fire.  The odor was still strong, but you could see that Mother Nature was working to recover.  The contrast between the blackend tree trunks and the fresh green fern fronds shooting up was amazing.

Big Stoney Creek

Big Stoney Creek runs through the forest.  It was a very interesting body of water.  But so was Little Stoney Creek and the Cascade Falls. 

Little Stoney        Cascade 

In order to get to the falls you have to pay  $3.00 fee to the Forest Service and walk two miles up an extremely rocky and narrow trail.  Actually, there are two trails.  The sign calls one “lazy”.  But, neither of them are.  We chose the upper trail first, which it harder.  It was a tough angle up the side of the mountain.  We came down the “lazy” path.  It had many more rocks and stones, making the hike very hard on the feet.  There were tons of people and most dragging their poor dogs.

The trail is not for the squeemish or acraphobic.    Although I underestimated the demands of the trails, it was probably the best part of the time away.   Unfortunately, I had to return to the real world today.

The Photos

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Ok.  For lack of time and because I was “coerced” into posting some photos, I submit these for your consideration.  But I am disappointed.  The captions aren’t showing up.  I won’t have time to work on those for a while.  The dogwood and kitten are pretty self explainatory.  The piggie’s photo was taken in January when it was three days old, out at a friend’s farm in Rio Grande, Ohio.  The lighthouse was taken from near the top of Diamond Head, in Oahu Hawaii last June.  The little lizard at the Dole Plantation, also in Hawaii. 

Dogwood 2006                                      Potted Kitty

This little piggie            Diamond Head Lighthouse             Little Lizzard