Thanks South Charleston!

Posted in Road Trips by muzeuterpe on March 19, 2008

This is just a quickie post.  Partially because I haven’t posted in a while, and partially because I have a little time on my hands.   I’ve categorized this under “Road Trips” because, well, I’m on the road.  I’m eating lunch in South Charleston.

I remembered hearing that the City of South Charleston had become a wi-fi city.  Since I have an appointment at Thomas this afternoon I wanted to try it out.  I know it made the headlines when it went live, but I haven’t heard anything about how well or how badly it has worked.  After all  the hype, has it really been a draw for business & customers?

I suspect not.  The reason I say that is I don’t see very many people actually working or playing on notebooks during the day.  Maybe I’m not in the right places. 

I know for me, I need a power supply.  My battery is just the one that came with the machine.  It only lasts an hour.  Lugging the notebook and setting it up is really a bother.  I need to have a reason to hang-out for a while before dragging it.  So, unless I’m just traveling for work and need to be able to get out of the vehicle for a while, I’m not just going to drag the notebook to a coffee shop to work.  I could just go back to my desk and work with my shoes off.

But, kudos to the City of South Charleston for providing me this option.  If I ever get finished with my classes I might be able to make a Chamber event! 


Where No Man Has Gone Before

Posted in General, Road Trips by muzeuterpe on September 10, 2007

This is just going to be a quick entry [I think].

I went riding yesterday.  I didn’t take a map.  Boy, was I sorry.

Now, actually, I had a great ride.  Took off from home around 11:00 and took 62 out of Nitro to Point Pleasant.  Then went on to Mason and hopped the bridge to Ohio Route 7.  From there out Bradberry Street to a friend’s house to rest a while.  I hit a few rain drizzles, but nothing that would force me to pull over.  The scenery wasn’t the “best”, but it was a nice day.  There wasn’t much traffic out so I was able to putter as I chose.

Coming back — now that’s a story.

Left Carlita & Rich’s house and hopped on 124 back to 7, then on to 33 and Ravenswood.  Scooted on through to pick up Rt 21 and headed down through Ripley and Fairplain.  After Fairplain it was Kenna, where the error occurred!  Thinking I’d missed the road, I turned around and went out Kentuck Road.  After some distance I noticed the Woodrums Lake sign.  “Hmmm,” said I.  “I never realized this was part of old Rt 21.”  I should have immediately turned around.  But no.  I kept on riding.

It was wonderful country.  The road was slim with moderate curves.  Up to the ridge-tops and down in the steep valley’s, I kept riding.   And riding.  And riding.  At the foot of one mountain there was a choice to be made, and no road sign.  I went right.  That was wrong.  Within a few thousand yards the hard-road turned to gravel.  “Oops!  Time to backtrack.”

So, back I went.  And went.  And went. 

Again, the scenery was wonderful.  Farms and fields, cows and horses, something that many of the people never see.  I kept thinking “What do these people do in the winter when we get that really deep snow?  Or any snow that far back.”  This was indeed God’s country.  Back and away from the demands of city life.  Quiet, beautiful land and few humans around to spoil experience.  Though, just enough humans that I knew I could ask for directions if I became too disoriented. 

Then, time for another decision.  This time I picked up on the right side having painted double yellow lines.  The left didn’t.  So, to the right I went, and this time it was good. 

I freaking came out at the Gandeeville Post Office!  Instead of being down near Sissonville, I was half way between Spence and Clendenen!  But, now I knew where I was.  More importantly, I knew how to get home. 

I pulled in my yard at 8:10 p.m.  I was totally exhausted.  I had not planned to be out that long.  As tired as I was, I found it hard to drop off to sleep.  My mom used to say I was “too tired to sleep”, which I still find to be an odd thing to say. Once I did get to sleep, I slept soundly until the rudeness of the alarm forced me up.

And now, I have to pack lunch for another day of apprenticeship.

I can’t wait till the weekend!