TP Tax Unfair to Women

Posted in County, State by muzeuterpe on October 27, 2010

Oh for the sake of cats! A tax on toilet paper! This is discrimination against women in West Virginia, but you won’t hear the NOW gang speak up. Brooks McCabe is part of a gang of WV Legislators who think it’s just dandy to tax toilet paper 20 cents per roll.

Why does it discriminate against women, you may ask? Because women use TP EVERY TIME they got to the john. Men only use it on special occasions.

This shit has got to stop.


Growing Up Halloween

Posted in County, General, State by muzeuterpe on October 28, 2009

Ahhh Halloween.  You know, Halloween was the very first word I learned to spell.  I don’t know why.  I remember going over it, and over it at my grandmother’s house.  I would run back and forth from the bedroom where the spelling book was (remember spelling books) to the kitchen where the grown-ups were.  They were always in the kitchen.

I only recall one Halloween costume.  It was a store bough Cinderella costume. I remember it because I got more compliments on my eyes than I have ever had in my life. The mask was just one of those plastic things with elastic that covers your eyes. It was pink and it set off my blue eyes magically.

I remember the year I got my tonsils out and missed going trick-or-treating. I don’t remember specific years, but I remember not being able to carry all the candy I would get. I would have one of those plastic jack-o-lantern buckets with the thin plastic handle that cut into your hand when it got 1/2 full. One lady in our town made hot chocolate every year.  She was one of the elementary school cooks. She would fill a big coffee pot with the stuff and hand it out as kids came by.

It was always dark, and generally very cold.  Some of the hooligans would gather up woody debris all month long, block the roads and burn the junk late in the night. No one every got hurt, but as I got older I wondered how an ambulance could reach my grandmother if she got sick on Halloween.

There were a few episodes of ‘egging’ that went on. That was usually after I was home, warm, and munching candy. Even then I wasn’t much of a night owl.

The small community where I grew up was perfect for the holler kids to come to. Parents would drop them off at the elementary school and come back 2 hours later. We walked the 1/2 mile perimeter and the 3 internal streets. Today’s little bastards are driven from house to freakin house. I get mad every year. The lazy, fat-bastard parents toting their lazy fat spawn in a mini-van with doors hanging open.

I don’t have too many decorations up this year. I’ve just had too much going on and, honestly, I’ve been too tired. I may drag out the fog machine and spooky CDs.  Shit — I have to get candy, too.

Sex Crime Lies

Posted in County, National, State by muzeuterpe on October 21, 2009

I woke up this morning and got myself a beer.  I turned on some music to start my day.  I was greeted with the headline:

Megan Williams to recant Logan County sex-torture testimony

My first thoughts were, “People were convicted of this ‘crime,’ now she says she made it up.”

It is a sensational story.  Accusations of hate crimes and torture. Media stories citing Tawana Brawley; high profile community ‘leaders’ demanding justice; groups marching for “justice“: and, race tensions exaserbated.

All this, maybe for nothing.

Back in 2007, I commented that I didn’t think what happend to Ms. Williams added up to a “hate crime.” She apparently knew her assailants and seemed to have an on/off/repeat relationship with them.   I also touched on the larger issue of domestic vilolence.

Now it appears that much of the outrage may have been in vain.  Ms. Williams is recanting her story.  The prosecutor claims the convictions were legit based on evidence which did not include her testimony.

“Each of them made statements incriminating themselves and others. When you sat back and looked at it in its entirety, there was a pretty clear picture of what had taken place,” Abraham said.

But, were they really trying to tell the truth, or find a way to get the least amount of punishment out of the mob mentality.  Let’s face it, when someone (primarily a male) is accused of a sex crime his is immediately considered guilty by society.  Forget what the Constituion says, in practice, an accused sex offender must prove he didn’t do it.

If that person is aquitted of the accusations (found not guilty in other words) he will forever be followed by “Yes, but did you know he was on trial for a sex crime?” “I wouldn’t let my child around him. He was charged with molesting someone.” (Leaving out the crucial part about not being convicted.)

Then there is the ever popular “He got lucky. His lawyer found a loop-hole.”

Now, in the Williams case, there was obviously something wrong in the relationship. I don’t doubt there was some physical fight, and perhaps emotional abuse. But this entire region was near riot because of what may be a fabrication. People donated money to a family to help with medical and legal fees based on a lie.

Will Malik Shabazz and his Black Lawyers for Justice group stand up and appologize for the incendiary remarks they made while in the area? I doubt it.  Ms. Williams exaggerations will be cloaked in a Dan Rather like paraphrase “hate crimes are real even if this case isn’t.”

I”m not saying Ms. Williams wasn’t abused.  There is definately something wrong with this picture. I am trying to show that it is easy to sling sex crime accusations and make them stick, even if there is little to no evidence anything happened. People’s lives, and those of family and friends, are destroyed by false accusations of sex crimes.

What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?

Posted in County, National, State by muzeuterpe on July 29, 2008

Ok folks, now this takes the cake.

I’m doing some volunteering locally and I arrived at my spot around 5:45 p.m. I’m walking up to the door with the Chairman who is opening up for me.  A little boy was goofing off, hanging on a handrail and a little girl, A LITTLE GIRL, who is about 8 years old rides up on her bike.

This LITTLE 8 YEAR OLD GIRL calls out to the boy saying, “Hey Josh! You know I am so pissed off.  Jenny has f*ckin pissed me off! I’m so f*ckin mad. She is a f*ckin wh*re!”


What the hell is wrong with you people letting a kid talk like that?! Hell, I didn’t use that kind of language when I gave birth w/o drugs.  Rare is the day when I use the word wh*re and even rarer that I would use the F-bomb. 

What kind of sorry *ssed parents does a kid have who uses that kind of language?

Somebody stop me before I turn that girl over my knee and bust her *ss!

GOP Convention Fallout – Part 1

Posted in County, State by muzeuterpe on February 11, 2008

Don’t know if there will be multiple parts to this, but thought I would plan for it!  😉

I hope the WV GOP seriously considers what they have done.  Check these letters out (Sent to me by my own Clark Kent) …

I haven’t seen letters to editors in my local papers discussing the ‘convention’ yet. 

I’m toying with trying to find out if I can get information from my Voter’s Registration Office on the number of Republicans who have left the party.  I may wait till the end of the month, I haven’t decided.

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GOP Convention – Part 5

Posted in County, General, National, State by muzeuterpe on February 8, 2008

I was forwarded a copy of an email that was sent around today.  I thought I would share it with you.

Dear Republican Friends,

This message is being sent to you because you signed up to be a delegate or voter in the first ever West Virginia GOP Presidential Convention.  I write to thank you for your participation in the Convention and to offer a way for you to help make the process even better in the future.

The Convention was an amazing success.  Ten presidential candidates entered our contest last September.  1,629 persons filed to become convention delegates.  In 30 counties, more Republicans filed for the at-large seats than there were allocated slots.  On-line voting and county conventions were used to settle on 1,207 delegates to the convention.  Three presidential candidates spoke in person at our Convention on Super Tuesday.  Our Convention ran well and we had a decision in the early afternoon.  West Virginia dominated the national news until polls in other states began closing that evening.  West Virginia Republicans said they wanted a voice in determining our party’s presidential candidate.  We delivered just that, and we delivered it at a time before the decision was made for us by other states.

In addition, the Convention was financially successful and will leave the Party with some money for party building and candidate support in the upcoming election cycle.  We also saw exciting vitality in nearly every county executive committee.  They recruited delegates, held their own conventions, and organized for the candidates of their choice.  The Convention ran well because of dedicated and talented volunteers who brought extraordinary knowledge and energy together with one goal:  a fair and efficient Convention.  We all owe the county committees and the convention volunteers our warm and sincere thanks for their excellent and very successful efforts!

I hope we will do it again in four years.  We reject the idea that other states have the right to choose for us year after year.  West Virginia Republicans had a voice this year, when they normally would not have.  We also reject the idea that the old way of selecting national convention delegates gave you the voice you deserve.  In four years – actually probably closer to two years – Party leaders will decide how to make your voice heard again in presidential candidate selection process. 

That’s where we need your help.  As we think about the Convention we know there are things we could do differently next time.  Would you like to share your thoughts with us?  You can send them to us at or by mailing them to WVGOP Convention; PO Box 1082, Charleston, WV 25324.  Please pass on this message to delegates who might not have e-mail.

Bob Fish, CEO

WVGOP Presidential Convention, Inc.

This is the line that sticks in my head: “…

the Convention was financially successful and will leave the Party with some money for party building and candidate support in the upcoming election cycle. 

The party didn’t hold the convention, that other legal entity held the convention.  The “GOP Convention Inc.”

But — the Shut-Up patrole is working overtime now.  They are demanding people shut-up and support the party no matter what.  The world will go to h*ll if we don’t shut up and fall in lock-step! 

Or is that goose-step?

Don’t think for a minute that I will stay home on November.  No freaking way!  There’s more going on than just a Presidential election.  But I am NOT happy with any of the candidates for President.  And I’m NOT happy with the WV branch of the party either!

I think I’ll pick up the form at DMV tomorrow.

You Get the Government You Deserve

Posted in County by muzeuterpe on November 18, 2007

Citizens of Nitro — you were warned!

For at least two years, and I believe longer than that, some citizens of Nitro have been trying to get the word across that the city government was in shambles and the finances were a wreck.  But, the Nitro City Council successfully deflected the accusations claiming those individuals were trouble makers trying to disrupt the city.  Outspoken critics of the government were harrassed, followed and denounced in the media.

Nitro goverenment was all rainbows and butterflies.  How dare anyone claim the kings had no clothes!

In a pretty good account of the latest news, the Charleston Gazette tells us this:

“…the city’s true debt [is] nearly $1 million.”

For some time now there has been a small, but vocal group of citizens warning that Nitro’s finances were in shambles.  These citizens, primarily Nitro residents Karen and Ken  Fritz, have been mocked, ostracized, followed, harrased and god knows what else, by the very people responsible for the proper oversight of the city funds.

The escrow accounts have been raided, monies diverted, bills unpaid and yet, new positions hired, salaries increased.  The mayor has been in place for about 12 years, I don’t know about the other council members. 

In most administrations, the mayor is the executive who is responsible for the day-to-day operations and functioning of the government.  The council is the oversight group with varying degrees of authority.  I am not a resident of Nitro, so I do not know the details of their government functions.  But this I do know, there is plenty of blame to go around. 

Now, the citizens of Kanawha County are being asked to bail out this failed government.  To that request I say no.  I say no because there has been more than ample warning of this problem, and the people ignored it.  I say no because the people felt no duty to investigate the claims of those who challenged the budgets and reports. 

The call for metro-government is being whispered as a cure-all for this type of situation.  Those who are whispering do not really understand the process of metro-government, or any government for that matter.  In a metro-government style, there are still regional leaders, elections and the potential for curruption.  Hell, there are claims of financial corruption at every level of government, to include the President of the United States.  Metro-government is primarily a cost-saving measure, a way of forcing unincorporated areas to conform to additional government regulations, and method of screwing the federal government out of money by keeping populations above 50,000, thereby qualifying for key federal grants.

The sad thing is, when the alarm was being sounded, the citizens in Nitro chose to believe their elected officials, instead of their fellow citizens.  What happens when you take that to the county, state and federal level?  Some of the very same people who squal that the federal government is corrupt are supporting the expansion of government at other levels.  No level of government can be completely trusted.  That is why the invovlment of the citizen is so important.  This may well be a great example of the need for mandatory, written term limits.

No Show Al

Posted in County, National, State by muzeuterpe on November 4, 2007

Thanks to Lincoln Walks at Midnight for this tip-off:

The Rev. Al Sharpton did not appear at the rally or march, despite his staff’s confirmation earlier in the week that he was scheduled to attend. Instead, he held ‘an emergency press conference in New York,’ according to a spokeswoman, regarding New York Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas.”

No matter what my opinion is/was of the event, it is WRONG of Sharpton and his flunkies to treat Ms. Williams and her family this way.  He is supposed to be a “leader”.  Leaders don’t allow things like this to happen.

This brief note from the Toledo Blade reads to me that Sharpton had a previous commitment to stand alongside a multi-gazillionaire, Isiah Thomas, while he whines over a ruling that happened several weeks ago.  You know, where he was on the losing team in a sexual harassment case.  The one where he was on tape stating he felt “it was OK for a black man, but not a white one, to call a black woman “bitch.”

 According to a Canadian Press report: “He was criticized for that by Al Sharpton, who threatened to lead protests at Knicks games unless Thomas explained his remarks.”

So, in Mr. Sharpton’s eyes,  it’s better to be protesting a rich man in New York for using the word “bitch” at rich black women (Ms. Saunders earned $260,000 per year as the senor vice president of marketing and business operations for the NY Nicks.) than it is to keep a promise to a physically abused, poor black woman in West Virginia.

 I think he knew all along he wouldn’t be traveling down to Podunk, WV.  He just wanted his name in the news. 

That is not true leadership.

They Voted Yes. Here Come The Taxes

Posted in County by muzeuterpe on September 11, 2007

Oh boy, it didn’t take even 30 days! 

According to the Charleston Daily Mail the Kanawha County Commission is seeking a reassessment of the taxes on the:

property that belongs to Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center in Nitro and all the land that surrounds it.

That’s pretty vague.  A quick look at can show land that “surrounds” the dog-track for miles. 

Now that property taxes in Nitro and Cross Lanes is being reassessed, shouldn’t be too long before the amount of personal property taxes increase also.  That will be followed by a loud cry by the folks who live around there.  Old people won’t be able to pay the taxes and will be forced to sell.

But they voted “yes”.

Nitro city officials already have shown an increased interest in property near the racetrack in light of the table games vote.

Get ready.  Here it comes people.  I tried to tell you.  It won’t just be Nitro, it will be Charleston.  And they are going to push to annex Cross Lanes.  You think Danny Jones is going to let this get away.  pshaw!

Carper said he believes the county will eventually benefit from the reassessment, even if there is a long wait.

“If anybody doesn’t think this is significant, then they are missing the boat on this one,” Carper said. “There’s gold in them there hills.”

Yep, and just like a politician he can’t wait to take it from you.

Welcome to West Virginia.  Open for business.  Bring money.

Kanawha County Gambling Expansion

Posted in County, State by muzeuterpe on August 30, 2007

Well, the recount is over.  The expansion of gambling in Kanawha County has been approved.  I guess.  According to Metro News more ballots were ‘found’ and our Secretary of State will audit the election. 

But just when you thought the controversy was over, Secretary of State Betty Ireland announced her staff will conduct a full audit of the Kanawha County election because of the questions and concerns raised throughout the process.

According to today’s Charleston Gazette all four state racetracks are expected to begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week when table games launch at two, and presumably three, of the tracks this fall.

They don’t waste any time, do they?