The Muze 104

Posted in 1 Podcasts, General by muzeuterpe on July 31, 2009

Hazzah! Podcast success! Click here to download , or here to visit the podcast page to play from the Web my comments on the Big O’s beerfest 2009. I also review a few contributions to the Reader’s Voice.

From the Coal River Cleanup to government insurance, this is a 30 minute quicky that I hope you enjoy.

All three of you. No secret phase this time, but plenty of Beam!


Podcasting Frustration

Posted in 1 Podcasts, General by muzeuterpe on July 24, 2009

If you think I’m already insane, it gets worse. This podcasting experiment is pushing me to the dark side.

The MyPodcast setup has it’s own recording program that converts your input to MP3. However, when I used it last it wouldn’t let me upload the recording. It said the file wasn’t the correct format?! WTH?!! That’s the one that requires you to place commercial spots in exchange for unlimited bandwidth.

The PodBean doesn’t have a recording program, but it requires MP3. So I used the MyPodcast recording program to create it. The first time I uploaded the file it worked fine. Not since.

And, I still haven’t figured out how to put intro music or other soundfiles in.

I so want to get this worked out. Not just for this blog, but for my company also. I figure I can work out the bugs here so my company site won’t suffer during the process. But at this rate I’d do better hiring a semi-pro to do it for me.


The One and Only Muze – Podcast 102.

Posted in 1 Podcasts by muzeuterpe on July 17, 2009

My second attempt at a podcast runs almost an hour. I recount my drinking, weight, a letter from Redzeppelin, pizza, local radio, unions and the local newspaper’s front page, striptease aerobics, and federal grant fairies.

Nods also to ETW and Spike, maybe JDB, I’m not sure now.

Stop in and hear me rant on many things current. Damn thing runs an hour. I won’t hate you if you bailout early.

Cllleeeeeek here.