WV REC Votes Chairman Out

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 26, 2010
Raese / Stuart Win! Photo

Raese / Stuart Win!

Well, the WV REC booted controversial chairman Doug McKinney with a resounding kick.  By a total of 74 – 45, Stuart handed McKinney his hat and showed him the door.

About time.

I have heard people bitching about the meeting arrangements. Keep in mind, this is one of the things I have done in my professional life.  For example, I am under the understanding that there were only 10 rooms set aside at a meeting rate. You may have attended something where you were told “We have a block of rooms an you have to reserve by X-date in order to get the special rate.” With the hundreds of people attending, even if 25% stayed over, that is more than 10.

When you have a large gathering such as what the WVGOP had last weekend, the hotels will work with you to get meeting rooms, hospitality, and other perks in your contract. And a place like the Waterfront would never simply give you meeting space without having sleeping rooms guaranteed. They want the money! Unless there was another large group there, taking up the rooms, a deal can be made. AND they will also deal with you if you encourage your attendees to eat in their restaurants.

Something else I know. It is depressing to know your candidate (or you) are going to get defeated in an election. I have a question. What the hell ever happened to sportsmanship? Why can’t the “losing team” suck it up? This isn’t a Congressional election where the opposition party kicked our butt. It is time to catch your breath, admit you were outnumbered and come back to build our party. If I quit every time someone voted against me, I would be living a very lonely life in a cave covered in fleas. \

Just because you knew your guy was going to lose, or that someone had the balls to challenge you, does not mean you screw the meeting, or throw the keys at someone and say “I am outta here.” That’s childish, spoiled brat, crybaby behavior.

Grow up.


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