Edited or Not

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on July 21, 2010

There is a discussion on WVa Red, concerning what was probably a hack job of the WV GOP page. At issue are comments by some cat named Gary Howell. He used some seriously poor judgement in some of his comments.  Now, this is the clip from Howell’s Facebook page originially posted on WVa Red.

Originally posted on WVa Red

What you see is one “Like” which is not included in the “Comment” total, and “View all 4 Comments”. Only 2 comments are displayed, one by Howell and one by Gibson. This suggests there are two additional comments not displayed. Check the order. If Howell’s and Gibson’s posts ARE displayed, that must mean there are two not displayed.

Now, look at the expanded comments:

Expanded comments on Howell post

What you see here is a total of five comments. Only ONE comment comes before Howells shown above, that being Chandra Gruman’s.  Then you have a comment by Gibson followed by Howell’s and some cat named Smoot.  Smoot’s comment comes sometime AFTER the post on WVa Red. But, somewhere a post is missing.  Howell’s response “No clue. Sounds like it,” is to Gruman.

The comment order in WVa Red‘s post should be:

Gruman, Howell, Gibson, Howell, Smoot.

But it isn’t. Howell’s final comment was clipped for effect. It didn’t need to be.


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