TP Tax Unfair to Women

Posted in County, State by muzeuterpe on October 27, 2010

Oh for the sake of cats! A tax on toilet paper! This is discrimination against women in West Virginia, but you won’t hear the NOW gang speak up. Brooks McCabe is part of a gang of WV Legislators who think it’s just dandy to tax toilet paper 20 cents per roll.

Why does it discriminate against women, you may ask? Because women use TP EVERY TIME they got to the john. Men only use it on special occasions.

This shit has got to stop.


Free Speech for All or Some?

Posted in National by muzeuterpe on September 8, 2010

Yes, folks. We have another dumb-sh*t religious goon making legitimate Christians look like intolerant *sses. I speak, of course, of the Rev. Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla. He’s gonna burn Quran.  *sigh*


WV REC Votes Chairman Out

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 26, 2010
Raese / Stuart Win! Photo

Raese / Stuart Win!

Well, the WV REC booted controversial chairman Doug McKinney with a resounding kick.  By a total of 74 – 45, Stuart handed McKinney his hat and showed him the door. (more…)

Edited or Not

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on July 21, 2010

There is a discussion on WVa Red, concerning what was probably a hack job of the WV GOP page. At issue are comments by some cat named Gary Howell. He used some seriously poor judgement in some of his comments.  Now, this is the clip from Howell’s Facebook page originially posted on WVa Red.

Originally posted on WVa Red

What you see is one “Like” which is not included in the “Comment” total, and “View all 4 Comments”. Only 2 comments are displayed, one by Howell and one by Gibson. This suggests there are two additional comments not displayed. Check the order. If Howell’s and Gibson’s posts ARE displayed, that must mean there are two not displayed.

Now, look at the expanded comments:

Expanded comments on Howell post

What you see here is a total of five comments. Only ONE comment comes before Howells shown above, that being Chandra Gruman’s.  Then you have a comment by Gibson followed by Howell’s and some cat named Smoot.  Smoot’s comment comes sometime AFTER the post on WVa Red. But, somewhere a post is missing.  Howell’s response “No clue. Sounds like it,” is to Gruman.

The comment order in WVa Red‘s post should be:

Gruman, Howell, Gibson, Howell, Smoot.

But it isn’t. Howell’s final comment was clipped for effect. It didn’t need to be.

Manchin on the empty Byrd cage

Posted in State by muzeuterpe on July 7, 2010

This video was created by WV Watchdog. Here, WV Governor Joe Manchin discusses the vacant Senate seat resulting from the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd.

The chum bucket has been dumped and the feeding frenzy is beginning!

Posted in Drive By, National by muzeuterpe on July 2, 2010

Photo "Arizona! Doing the job the feds won't do."

KV Live’s New Contributor – Muze

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on July 1, 2010

It’s up! It’s up! My first KV Live contributor post is up here!

It is actually a simple introductory post. Nothing very exciting. I agreed to try to have at least one post per week and figured Thursdays were good. I didn’t get the login information and style guide until last night. Since I have a full day scheduled today I figured I would put a quick introduction out there.

KV Live uses Joomla. I have never worked with it before but it seems pretty easy from my side of the screen. This gives me a bonus, as I am learning a new program as well.

Stop by and take a look at the entire site.  Leave a little evidence somewhere.

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OMG! I am so freaking excited!

Posted in Drive By by muzeuterpe on June 28, 2010

So, I am gonna skip any mention of the death of Robert Byrd. Mostly because I think he’s been dead for several years. It’s just no one told his body. Kinda like an extended Weekend at Bernies thing.

Anyway – here I am neglecting my poor blog during this most exciting 2010 political year and what the hell happens? I get invited to contribute to a great little entertainment portal called KV Live! Poor things, they must be hurtin. I mean, what the hell do I know about the entrainment life around here? I just rant on things I think are …. well, rant worthy. And even at that I find I have less and less time for a good blast.

Hmmm … I could do a story on how Obama’s ears are contributing to global climate change. What? You don’t believe me. Well let me tell YOU something! If a rabbit’s ears help cool their body temperature so does his.  And all that heat is going somewhere! (BTW – how can the “Democratic National Committee” run and it not be a violation of something?)

Or, I could jump on the train of people who voice their disdain for The Empty Glass. Problem is, when you do that all the tolerant types jump out of the woodwork to demand you be excommunicated. They can’t tolerate criticism constructive or otherwise. Wouldn’t be good for my first swim.

I used to be a groupie of one of the band members in Rockin Horse. They split up a long time ago, but I still keep in touch with him. Mmmmmmm … those were good times. I ran the borders with them. Oh, that’s my phrase for going to gigs out of the county. They played Spencer a bunch, Lincoln County, CJs in St. Albans, Class VI, the 2001 fake Bridge Day event. They played a few Charleston spots as well. Corncobb McCormick (NOT the one I was hot after.) butted heads with Michael Lipton at some point in his career and Michael kept them out of a lot of jobs.

I could talk about how a Charleston businesswoman made a racially prejudiced remark to me. I was talking about an event I was attending in another area of the county and she said “I hope you don’t get shot.” I damn near come unglued on the b*tch. I asked her what the hell would make her say something like that, to which she only replied, “I live her too. I can say these things.” Dumb b*tch.

OR! I could talk about how the self-righteous will shut out their own if they become conservative or think too freely. That’s it! Maybe I will call my column “Perspective of a Free Thinking Woman.” What do you think?

So anyway, I’m not sure when my first “article” will publish, but I’ll be sure to let you know.

Jedi Mind Trick

Posted in National by muzeuterpe on April 7, 2010

This has probably been around for a long time, but I only just found it. (So I’m slow.)

Long, strange, trip …

Posted in General by muzeuterpe on April 7, 2010

Yes yes, I know. It has been a long time since I posted anything.  I’m just very, very busy. My small business is going well. I’m not in the Soros league yet, but I still dream.

Those of you still checking on me, I’ll try to do better. I just can’t promise much.